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Slow Sc300


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I have a 1994 sc300 and it does 0-60 in 7.8-7.9 sec.

I ran a quarter mile in 17.6.

I dont know but this this seems really slow. I had no spare tire. Back seats were pulled out and I also removed the passenger seat.

Whats going on?

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Jeez, I don't know man. Start with a tune up. Air filter, plugs, wires, distributor, oil, transmission, differential and go from there. Are you running premium fuel? Sounds like your car might be running in limp mode with pulled timing. Any check engine lights on?

What was your reaction time? Did you spin from the dig or anywhere else down the track? Did you run it more than once? How do your tires look? What size are they?

It could be anything or a bunch of things making that car slow. It should be able to run high 15 to 16 depending on the driver with the car in great shape.

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I have a custom exhaust, injen air intake, just tuned up 30k mi. ago. Tires are 225/55/16. I keep it tuned with all services all the time. I have had the car for 7 years. My reaction time differed, I made 3 passes. It was from .7 to 1.5 sec. for reaction. 17-18 et times. I race cars pretty often and consider my self to be a very good driver. I hold the brake and rev the to max before the brakes let go and launch. It does not burn tires it feels like a perfect start. I also drove my brothers camaro SS and ran 13.3 with the factory stating 13.6 et .

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LOL :lol: Yea, a crate motor vette will go fast. So will a mustang, vega, chevette, gremlin, g-body, f-body, s-10, t-bird, etc.

To duplicate mag times - start looking for problems with the car. What is the elevation at that track? If the camaro is hitting specified time - the track is at sea level or about that at least. If you are a good driver something is wrong with your car. Something as simple as the air filter, a fouled plug, dist. cap - it could be anything. Start looking if you want to hit that 15.3 1/4.

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