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stock replacement tires


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I am looking for the cheapest tires that last long with low road noise. I don't need performance tires, just all seasons for San Diego weather. I currently have Michelins which I like but are too expensive. Any recommendations? Thanks.

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sorry i don't have much experiance with cheap tires

just best bang for the buck

lowest tires i have used are

crap...............goodyear integrity's

better crap ...goodyear rsa's

also crap .......toyo fz4's

one more.......kuhmo 712's

ok .................goodyear aquatreads

great ............michelin x-one's

amazing .......toyo t1-s

for the best return on value get the x-ones they are a bit pricey

but compare them on tire rack for options

remember the tires are the only thing touching the road

bad tires equal loss of grip =less braking ,handling, and does = the availability of increasing time to escape an impact

a few dollars are never worth a life

best thing is i find the x ones to wear very little i had mine for about 100k km

good luck

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like the commercial on TV with the baby riding down the street in the Michelin tire.....alot depends on your tire.

price is something to consider.

You don't put $200 tires on an $80 car and you don't put $50 tires on $30,000 car. In any case you get what you pay for.

Watch the sales in your area. Michelin and Goodyear often run 3 for 4 sales. Those are my two favorite companies.

Watch you tread rating. Sumotumo are a harder rubber to give a longer lasting thread. The trade off is a rougher ride.

I don't trust Bridgestone/Firestone, but have them......only thing

I can say, they will be replaced within 10,000 miles.

I had BF Goodrich, didn't last to 30,000 miles. Replaced with Goodyear Eagle II's. I was 23 in a turbo GT.....I tore them up.

I love the Goodyear Aquatred (I had series I, series 3 is sold now).

It's a toss up between Michelins and Goodyear within the next 6 months.

good luck. research everything.


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I put on Dunlop SP Sport A2's on my '92 about two years ago. These are great tires and a big improvement over the D60A2's that they replaced. They hold the curves very well and are extremely quiet. I believe that the treadwear rating is to 55,000 miles. I've already put 35k miles on them, and there is still plenty of tread left on them. These are the best tires that I've tried in rain, and they perform well enough in snow given that it is designed to be performance all-season tires. I did not have a problem driving through all the unplowed snow here in Wash. DC this past winter.

Compared to all the other tires out there and especially Michelins, this is a relatively inexpensive tire. I believe that I paid around $80 per tire @ NTB. I had Continental ContiTouring Contact CH95 on a 3.2TL, but the car drives much better and quieter now that it's wearing SP Sport A2s.

Hope this helps.

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I had bought 4Mich MXV4 Plus for $150/each. They lasted only 40000miles. I can get few 1000s more extra but it is risky when wet. I had better experience with Mich on other cars in the past. When I asked Costco they said there is no mileage warranty on Mich MXV4+. I want good set of tires for $100 or </each and last for 60k miles. I will research Toyo, Goodyear and Dunlop mentioned in this board.

I also found that my driveshaft wears out in 30k+ miles. What can I do? My mechanic replaced with re-manufactured driveshaft. Where and what Toyota part can I replace with for 1993 Dec. mfc. Lexus ES300.

1993 Lexus ES300 engine is leaking oil (in and around gasket area) into the exhaust and it smells bad when that happens. It has 170000 miles. What is the best solution? Replace gasket or wait till engine goes bad and replace or remanufacture engine?!


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Just put on some Bridgestone LS-Vs. Can't wait to try them out in rain or snow, but here are my thoughts on them so far:

Pros -

1. Much better than stock Bridgestones RE88 on the 98 es300.

2. Very Grippy, excellent on dry pavement, will see if it holds up in rain and snow conditions.

3. Takes corners and acceleration very well.

4. Very quite and smooth ride.


1. Don't think to be as responsive as other tire like Michelin Pilot MXV's (on another vehicle) or the stock re88's.

2. Price (we'll see if they are worth the price).

So far, very happy with them.

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For climates where you will get snow I think the Continental Extremecontacts would be best...the have a great rating and awesome snow rating for a performance tire...tirrack price is insanely cheap too. Unfortunatley when I needed 2 tires (the rears were baldies when I got my SC4, they were a real soft compound), tirerack was backordered, so I ended up going with Goodyear GT+4s (like what comes on the car and the same tire as the fronts, which were only down to about 9/32s). I was a little weary because they didn't get great reviews and I've read a lot of complaints about them and their wet and snow grip, but I went with them to match up with my fronts and play it safe (at least this time around...lol). They have handled surprisingly well! Very well! Dry they never loose grip, even when I try my damnedest to break them free (lol), I've only gotten them to break traction briefly once, when throwing the car around a turn. In the rain they have also been amazing! The !Removed! of the car stays put even on on/off ramps at higher than posted speeds. Haven't tried snow yet and hopefully my mind won't be changed...lol. I'll let you know if they give me a problem. Here's the kicker though...GT+4s are usually under $100 a piece...a lot cheaper than a lot of other brands. I did hear that they are hard to balance and must say that I have a slight shimmy from 70-75 mph then it goes away...probably a bad balance job from those dumbasses at Sears (just had them mount the 2 and balance all 4), I'm gonna bring it back and see if they can rebalance and make it better. I'll post any new results later. Peace

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