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all right so its time for new brake pads ....

Can anyone suggest any performance brake pads ?

Or are they even worth it ?

My mechanic told me i was about 90 Percent worn... and i have about a 500 mile trip ahead of me..... so im guessing i should just get it done before i leave.... right >??

Please Help !



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well if you know you brakes are going then change them but ithink you already knew that so i will move on

in a 500 mile highway trip you will use very little of the brakes compared to a city or stop and go traffic situation

midas can do the brakes very easily check with them

performance pads aren't going to do much unless there is something more to bite into

but if you can get tehm cryo ed then it will cause less dust and increase the max fatigue level

sorry i don't have prices on that

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On Pads, they reccomend ceramic composite pads for the absolute best performance with their anti lock brake system. Only problem; they came with those from the factory so now if it's time for pads it's time for rotors. The ceramic pads are killer on rotors! They stop you good though, I've always used a softer pad for less wear and tear on my braking system (secret- we drive on public streets not race tracks). When I decide to do mine I'm not sure weather I'll go to the same pad or get softer ones. The stock recomendation is the best you can choose.

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Streets here in sourthern (at least where i live) are like racetracks! hehe :P ALSO, people seem to like to JUMP outta nowhere in there cars here. Just this sunday, while i was driving the speedlimit, an SUV decided to not look and pull out infront of me, if i didn't have good breaks my lex would be in the shop right now! I would just recomend choosing the best brakes for where you live. i.e. if you live in the country and traffic is seldome an issue, you may not need to pay the extra $ for SUPER brakes. BUT if you live in any place like i do, where a freeway doing 70 can go to a full stop in seconds, grippier brakes might be worth it. but as spalkin said, stock ones should be good especially if you do obey speed limits and are a causious driver, and Lexus should know best too, they did build the car :P

Good luck NeiLtYme,


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