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Oil And Fluids


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5-30 is what it says but it's too thin. The best bet is any good 10-30 weight name brand. Do Not use ANY oil additives! These do Not work and they upset the balance of Zinc in the oil that is your last line of defense against wear! It also can foul your very expensive, stainless steel cat. As for name brands on the fluids transmission fluid is all Dextron III now not II. That's OK because it's made to mix with II. You can use any good brand in both the power steering reservoir and the automatic trans. I don't like red coolant! I can't say that emphatically enough. I can't tell if it's clean and I can't tell if I have transmission fluid leaking or coolant and I can't tell if My transmission fluid is or isn't bleeding into my coolant. I thoroughly flush with fresh water then completely drain and fill with 50/50 Prestone and Pure Distilled Water. That's important! Not tap water. Pure water leaves no deposits to clog your expensive radiator and heater core. Brake fluid, again, good name brand, but take it to a shop and have them flush all the fluid out and replace with new fresh. This is what's recomended in the service manual. It helps the entire complicated braking system stay happy. Good Luck! Rob.

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