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Help with stuck 3rd row power seat?

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Hey, the power motor for one of the 3rd row seats is busted. I’d like to take the entire seat out, but cannot because the seat cushion is stuck in the stowed position which covers one of the bolts attaching the seat to the truck.

Here's the video for removing the seat:


My question: Is there a *manual* approach to unstow that seat cushion so I can make it slide forward to expose that last bolt? I’m sure there’s some catch in there somewhere that needs tripping, but I haven’t seen it yet. In other words, what would a mechanic do to get in there? 

P.S. oh yeah, to be clear, the seatback is in the upright position - but the seat cushion is still stuck in the stowed position. Definitely not the normal positioning at the moment. 

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First thing I'd check is the fuse box to make sure it's not blown. There is a diagram in the owners manual locating all the fuses, try there. 

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Yeah, the seat’s got power. The motor housing is busted and it can’t move the seat properly.

And now that seat cushion is simply stuck in the stowed position. I just need some way to release the cushion so it can slide along its track (to expose that last bolt and I can remove the seat altogether). 


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