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Oregon/washington Joint Meet.

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I going to organize a joint meet for Oregon and the Washington folks in Centralia Wa. They are having a car show and cruise (open to all cars). The date set for this is September 18th. I will be the contact person for the Oregon folks. Oregon folks will be meeting in Beaverton at the same place we met aug. 13 at a predetermined time(not yet determined). This is a open get-together. If you have a Lexus and want to join in on a cruise (from portland to centralia is like 90 miles or something), get a hold of me.. pm me.. leave a message here.

I am working on a contact person in washington to organize their end. That person will only need to get the names of the "committed people", organize a meeting place somewhere in washington and make sure the group is at the designated meeting place where the both groups will meet (give or take and hour).

It's time to do a cruise and show all your mod's off. Show the kids at the cruise what mommy and daddy will be buying them in 10 years.

Okay, here are the details for the Centralia Car show.

*This is a vintage car show, historically they've had 300+ cars showing.

*They have vendors (proabably for the classic car sector).

*Family activites.

*Afternoon band "Common Law", probably playing oldies.

*and the ever so important evening cruise.

I have made contact with a gal named Jazel, who is works in the Chamber of Commerce in Centralia. This is the information she gave me. The cruise is open to all. The fee for the cruise will be "under 5.00" per car.

If this interests you, please pm me and I will either put you in contact with the person who's organizing the washington folks or I will put you on my list for all the pertainent info.

The rains will begin quickly... get the fun while it lasts.

single shot

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We have got this nailed down for times and folks to contact for all the smaller details.

We will converge outside of Centralia @ 2:30.

Car show starts @ 10 am

Cruise runs from 5:30 until 9:00 pm.

Contact person for all the washington folks will be on this thread: http://www.clublexus.com/forums/showthread...threadid=130858

contact person will be .. silkiechic.

You can contact me if Oregon will be your point of take off. We will be meeting up in Beaverton around 12:30 off of Canyon blvd. Pm me or go to this thread and post or pm me from there.


again, this is for any and all Lexus cars that want to join. This is going to be a good time.. the rain is coming... don't miss this one.

single shot

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