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Some Pics Of My Car


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Nice pics of your ride B) In the future, you may want to consider shrinking the size of the images before posting them up. They are way too big (at least for me and my 17" LCD). At any rate, I like that shot you took of the AVS (adaptive variable suspension) control. A rare but useful option for the ES ;)

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sorry about that guys, I assumed every one got cable ; )

I m going to try to make them smaller,

and no avs does not appear on all models, my friends 99 dont have heated seats or any avs ;) so i m happy with mine, and it actually works too heh .

How long you guys think the tranny should last?

I dont know if i m being paranoid or not, but i feel that it shifts pretty weird from park to drive, its kind of stiff sort of

any ideas?

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Nice car! Looks like you have the factory AVS suspension system like mine B) piece of advice.......get rid of the club anti-thieft device & get yourself the autolock which attaches to the brake pedal.......the can cut the steering wheel to get the club off but they can't cut the brake pedal off ;) It's the strongest part of the car.


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Lexusfreak i m one step ahead of your post ; ) the autolock came yesterday , its a bit weird, but seems to work, i got it cheap off ebay, but my friend said that it can be picked, and showed me the lock pick that is 130 bux that is able to pick locks like are on autolock.

but i will still use it, only thing now i worry about is air bag, i dont want people trying to get there,

i wonder how good stock security is on lexus,

btw the pedal on lexus, does it swing left/right a little bit

mine does, so it is a bit weird putting the autolock on, i m afraid to break something heh.


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