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How To Imput Radio Code


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I posted this at the audio/radio section 2 days ago but haven't got any reply yet. So I'll try here. Here is the story:

"Yesterday I had my alternator replaced. Now, the radio screen says "SEC". I know what the code is, but just need information on how to input my code. I lost my owner's manuel so I had make a post here.

From what I remember from the owner's manuel, you had to hold 2-3 buttons for 4-5 seconds then input the code. I can't remember which buttons they were. I tried many combinations but nothing happend. The screen just says "SEC". Can any LS400 members take a look at their owner's manuel and tell me the procedure to input the correct code?"

Thank you.

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Radio off.

Key at "Acc".

Press the "1" button with the upper portion of the "Tune/Seek" at the same time.

Now press the #1 button the required times for the first number of the code. Then #2 with the second, #3 with the third. Then press "Scan".

Best of luck. Wish I knew my code. Remember, if you stole the radio, you have nine tries out of 999 or so numbers. Or you're screwed-radio goes dead. So I don't mind helping-the odds aren't in your favor.....

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