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Hi, I'm New To Forum

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I just bought a 92 ES 300 last week. I love it so far, it handles like a dream, and I look forward to the next time I'm going to drive it.

I have a question though. I'm changing the Sony Cd-changer that was in my car (it was old and outdated, and didn't play burned cds or most new cds). To do this, I need to get to the back of the headunit. I read through the intructions on how to remove it (steve's post), but I can't get the center vent piece out. My roommate and I tried for about 30 min with no success, we couldn't even budge it. My car is in the shop today for new spark plug wires and to have the antenna fixed (motor ran but it didn't retract), so I asked them to remove the vent for me and leave it out.

If they can't get it out, does anyone have any tips on how to remove it? I don't want to break anything, but it seems like it won't come out without putting so much muscle in to it that I'll break it. Thanks for any help.

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welcome to the club, skeemer.

for the hu trouble, i can't help you much myself. the last time i tried to get that vent out, it cracked on 2 sides of the vent, so i just left it in there and decided to have it professionally installed when i get a new hu.

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