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2001 Gs300 With 50k Miles

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I just wanted to know some opinions about a GS300 with 50K miles on it and it is a 2001. Is that a good car to buy with no warranty, do they usually have problems after 50k Miles. I know i will have to do the maintanence type of things, but i really mean will i have any problems with the engine or electrical stuff. I am nervous to spend 25,000 on a car over 5 years, with no warranty. I was thinking about leasing, but i will pay a high monthly note and end up with nothing in 4 years. I am looking forward to your responses. Thanks a lot.

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I have a 98 g3 with 84,000 and runs great !!! I keep it well maintained and never had any serious problems , Dealer replaced the cat under factory warranty so it cost me 0 , nada , nothing , and replaced a injector at 65,000 . But other than that a perfect auto. Shop around you should be able to get a better price . But at 25,000 it isn't that bad . [ One mans opinion ]

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Thanks alot guys, I appreciate your info. I found a 2001 GS300 with 52K miles at a dealership in NY that got it at an auto auction. They said it passed a 105 auto inspection. I am not really sure what that means. But, when the time comes, I probably won't feel that nervous about purchasing the car knowing that you guys have GS3's with miles over 60K and they run fine. Thanks Alot.

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