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Timing Belt "off"?


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My 400 runs crappy. Right after I got it a few months ago, I had the timing belt done. I don't remember a dramatic difference in the car, but I'd only had it a few days, and I was still treating it with kid gloves. I felt like I was driving a work of art. Anyway, first I thought it was Arco, but now I've switched, and it isn't any better. The car has no guts at all, and it pings when you push it. I ran a can of Techron, but that didn't do anything.

Then, today when I took my girl's 300 in(the one that has the morning knock) I also mentioned my 400 being so slow. The mechanic smiled and asked if I'd had the timing belt done. I said yes. He said to take it back, because the guy installed it a little bit "off", and it has to be perfect or it won't run right. But, it seems to me that if the timing belt really was installed wrong, the car wouldn't start so quickly would it? Wouldn't it run waaaaaaaaay worse if the belt were wrong?

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My experience on other Toyota engines has been that if timing belt was install a tooth off or if the ignition timing was set wrong then the engine would not start instantly. It would be noticably reluctant to start. So I'm as stumped as you are at this point.

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