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Need To Know Tire Size


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For speedo accuracy 225/50 would be the size, not a lot of selection tho, Falken is a pretty good pick. I tried 2 Goodyear Eagles on the rear, they both got bubbles on the sidewalls. Bad choice.

actually a 225/50 is about 2.5mm taller than stock, while a 245/45 is only 2mm shorter than stock; so a 245/45 would be more accurate than a 225/50. you can get bridgestone potenza re050's, goodyear eagle f1 gsd3's, and michelin pilot sx mxx3's in 225/50. you can get the above 3 tires, bfgoodrich gforce ta kd's, bridgestone potenza s03 pole positions, continental contisportcontact 2's, dunlop sp sport 9000's, dunlop sp sport 9000 dsst's, goodyear eagle f1 supercars, kumho ecsta mx's, michelin pilot sports, pirelli pzero rosso asimmertricos, and yokohama avs sports in 245/45. did you get eagle f1 supercars or gsd3's? the supercars arent very good, but the gsd3's are probably the best street tire you can find.

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they dont make the rims i want in 17x9

the eagle f1s were to much money. i ordered the sumitomos kzr 2...in a 245/45 all around and the rim is 17x7 all around

ahhh, i see.

the gsd3's are actually a great deal compared to other tires in the same price range, but you dont need to spend lots of money on a tire that you will rarely use to it full potential :D. sumitomos and kumhos are some of the cheapest tires around. i personally really like kumhos, but i have no experience with sumitomos, nor do i know of any people who have had experiences with them. hope those tires do ya good! :cheers:

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I'd recently bought a set of used 18" rims (came off 95 Legend) for my 92 sc400. However, I realize that the tires which came with the rims are not load compatible with my car. They are 225/40/zr18 Dunlop sp sport w-10. Could someone please tell me of the effect they will have on the car if I need to use these tires for several month (until winter). What tire pressure would you recommend for this?

Any response would be greatly appreciate. Thanks

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Hey guys, I'm having problems with low profile tires on my 2001 IS300.

How big of a tire can I put on 17" stock rims? I'm currently using 215/45/17 on the front and 225/45/17 on the back. The dealer I spoke to said I might run into problems with rubbing in the wheel well if I went to a higher profile tire.

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