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Personally, I don't think its worth the money. For $90K+, Mercedes could have used better leather and moldings in the cockpit. I've had a chance to sit and get a feel of the interior at NYC autoshow in April. The molding pieces felt like plastic; the car didn't have the wood package (which seemed very strange to me given that its a Mercedes). In my opinion, my 99LS has better leather and trim pieces than 03-04 SL500.

On the other hand, CL class blew me away. What an awesome machine. Beautiful exterior and very luxurious interior (far better than the SL500). CL500 has been on my wish list for a while now.


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oh one of those, i drove E55 AMG, now thats a fast and nice car.ive heard that this is the fastest mb.

sl500 is not worth the money, for the proce range around 120k fully loaded i would rather get myself 2 lexus cars.:)

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SLR is the fastest MB next to the 2 million dolllar clk-gtr lemans car

the SLR is an amzing machine with power all over it but for only 1/2 a mill

the clk 55 is faster as is the SL 55 which are now replaced with the AMG versions of a 6.5L engine so they are E 65's ad such

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Is it beautiful car? Yes definately. Is it worth the money? No. I personally don't think any Mercedes, except maybe the E class is priced reasonably both within its market and to its attributes. Benz WAY overprices their cars to the point where stopping off at a Benz dealership and looking at the stickers sends me laughing all the way back to my Lexus. An S500 for $100,000 that doesn't even have features the LS430 has for $69,000? Come on Benz, you've got to be reasonable.

I seriously doubt I'll ever buy a Mercedes. To me they remain total status symbols and I have better things to spend my cash on.

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