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Manual Swap Sc300

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In my opinion, it is a waste of time to swap a manual 5speed factory w58 into an auto SC300. If you want to swap a tranny, it better be behind a 400+ hp GE or GTE and using a 6 speed getrag.

To answer your question though, I think it would be easier to find a manual SC300 than to swap the tranny. I found one turboed on autotrader. If you need help finding one, I come across at least 1 every two weeks or so. Tell me the area you are looking and I'll drop you a pm. The cost of getting a new or used W58 will approach the cost of buying a getrag. Then finding the ecu, cutting the center console, fitting it in, etc. Unless your one of those engine swap guys to begin with. Plus, the highest hp SC300 is an auto matic. Although he is down now for a spun bearing. 940 hp and 650+ ft pounds of torque will do that I guess.

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whoa!! Glad i looked at the old posts!!! Hey I have a 93 sc300 with unfortunately an auto tranny... I dont know anything about Getrag tranny's. How do they compare with say, Tremec's T-56 6spd, used in cars like the stang cobra, or HKS 6spd tranny's? And if you know of any in the miami area, or a good person to swap it, please let me know... thanks


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