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Figured Out Ashtray Rattle!


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I read in another forum that it might be the actual lighter itself.

So I took it out and what do you know? It's gone.

The "clip" that holds the lighter in place isn't holding it tightly enough...so it moves around causing it to rattle everytime the car goes over bumps...how annoying.

I told the service guy about it and they will check it out.

Get this...I was messing about with the lighter, trying to put the thing back in with different level of pressure and angle...and suddenly I saw a static/spark...a very quick and small one...now my clock is gone!

Lucky I was on my way to the service dept...I guess they'll take care of that...must be connected to the same line as the ashtray lighter?

Uh...ooops...I never told them about checking the lighter...maybe that's busted too...don't smoke so wouldn't know...hope it doesn't cause a short in the electric system.

Idiot that I am!

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