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Hitch For 1996 Lx450


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I am going to install a Curt bolt on hitch to my lx450, just for a bike carrier. It is supposed to bolt onto the frame; I see one threaded hole but the only other one is in use by tow loops attached to the frame. Do I remove these tow loops to install the hitch in its place? Will I be able to install the tow loops over the pre-drilled hitch. I did not want to alter my car in any way. Any recommendations wether I should do this myself or take it to a shop?

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I'm not for sure what brand hitch is installed on mine, but it is bolted to the frame with three bolts on each side. On Each side- Two at the rear, bolting thru the tow hooks and hitch frame into the main frame rail, and one about a foot forward of those that bolt the front end of the hitch frame to the main frame rail. Looks straight forward if what you've got matches up. Not for sure if the frame rail is threaded, or if there are captured nuts inside the frame. If the holes aren't there, I'd assume you'd have to tap and thread the frame

Hope this makes since/helps.



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