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Power Steering


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i have a 1996 ls400 with a power steering whine as if the pump is low in fluid so i replaced the pump to find out that did not cure the problem. I cleaned the filter in the rack and i still hear a whine when i turn. i have turned the wheel lock to lock 3 or 4 times to no cure i have even hooked the solenoid to a battery to find it works. i am gettting 12v to the solenond will it is running. i have even taken the pressure and return hose off the front of the rack and cleaned the piece off the front of the rack that is held on by 3 allen screws and cleaned the valves inside problem is still there and have replaced the pump again thinking maybe i have gotten a defective pump. could it be the rack.

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When I replaced the rack, PS pump, and all PS hoses on my 91, the instructions that came with the pump indicated that I should leave the reservoir cap off, raise the two front wheels off of the ground, ensure that the fluid level was good, and turn the steering wheel lock to lock a minimum of <gasp> 25 times to ensure that all of the air was out of the system. Being the truly paranoid that I am, I turned it lock to lock about 50 times and noted air bubbles coming up the return line even after 30 times (you can hear the bubbles coming out of the fluid if you are doing this alone and turning the wheel lock to lock by manually moving the passenger side tire instead of doing the turning at the steering wheel - a pain to do it this way, certainly, but somewhat gratifying to hear that you are making headway <grin>).

Good luck!

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