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92es300 Keyless With Trunk Release?


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i only got one key with my car. how much does it cost to buy addition one? i know only lexus can make them.....

also, on the window it says it comes with lexus alarm system. but i only have 1 botton on my key which locks/unlocks the doors. is there different types of keys availabe? i am looking for one that makes the car beep and also with trunk release.

thanks all! i am located in toronto. needs to fix my needles as well. where in toronto may i get it fixed without paying....$$$?

thanks all again

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their is no trunk release for the alarm on the key

depends on what key you want

they have a wallet one $30

a valet $40

a large head master $60

and a large head master with remote head too much $$$

the needles need to be sent out to the states to be repaired for about $250

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