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I bought my 94 LS 400 last year and ever since I purchased it I had the “No Dash Lights On Cold Mornings” problem. I had read several post here and saw where Lexus could solve my problem for about $1400 or Jim Walker jimlwalker@sbcglobal.net could fix it for $255 or send me a diagram of how to take it out. I also had seen last year a post that actually gave you the solution to the problem was replace three cheep capacitors for $3.00. I had studied over these choices for many months, but after all it is August. It will be getting cool and the dash will be gone once again. Well I got up the nerve and went to Radio Shack and purchased the 3 capacitors that the instructions said get for $3.50 and a soldering iron, and solder for $17.00. I guess it had been 25 years since I had held any sort of soldering iron in my hand and was really pre paired to drive this winter without any dash light or gas gauge because I really could not imagine that $3.50 worth of parts and my lack of experience would ever see dash lights again.

But the people on this site and their exceptional knowledge, their exceptional directions and my determination found that it only took me 2 ½ hours to remove, repair, and re install the dash with 100% success.

I just want to thank everyone who provides their knowledge to others on repairing very expensive Lexus items and let them know that I truly appreciate their advice.


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I tried radio shack too man but they didnt have the surface mount capacitors I needed.Which did you get? I found capactitors with the same value I needed but didnt get them because they werent surface mount ones.Also,how did you remove the bad caps?

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