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Fuel Filter

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Would anyone like to opine as to why toyota designed the earlier sc300's such that the fuel filter is not to be changed? Opinions on this site seem to differ as to if the filter should be changed at 60,000 miles(etc.) or not at all. In speaking with several dealerships they reccomened that the filter NOT be changed,that they rarely have changed them and that the new models of Lexus aren't even equipped with feul filters(!). Spoke with a local independent long-time-Toyota repair place and they said they have no experience changing these filters.

How could this be?????

What are the repercussions of not changing the filter...my vehicle is in the mid 80's.....What To Do????

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Consulted with,as Click&Clack refer to as the automotive ignition Guru in Boston,about this issue. He thinks,since it is so difficult to remove the fuel filter,that is,loosening up the nuts without stripping them,that toyota basically screwed up. Several folks here report having extreme diffiuclty,if not failure(with disasterous results,)of removing the filter. Mr Guru thinks that a common air wrench,not a torque wrench,was used to tighten the nuts on the filter/line upon installation at the assembly facility. This might explain why dealers,who have probably faced the change difficulty plenty,say you don't have to change the filter. Perhaps why folks on this site also repeat that its not necessary. Even Lexus reccomended maintence brochures/info never refer to changing this unit...which is weird since they recommend attending to much less crucial issues on the vehicle.

Any comments?

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