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99rx300 Check Engine Light Engine Rev


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We have a 99 Rx300 with 67k on it. A couple of weeks ago the CEL came on and we took it in to the shop. My wife also told me the car was shifting weird. Mechanic said that it was the O2 sensor. We got it fixed. 3 days later the light came on again. That time the mechanic said it was the rear o2 sensor and we got that fixed. He attributed the weird shifting to the sensors going out. 2 days later the light comes on again. I drove the car and have noticed the shifting problem. At around 30 or 40 mph if you goose it to get it to downshift it will rev up to over 5000rpm before catching in gear. Not normal stuff at all. Any suggestions??? I guess we are taking it back in. Thank god we bought the extended warranty.

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