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Need Help On "97 Lx450 Rear Hatch


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Dear LX450 owners:

Just happened recently that i cant use my remote/ press button ~ to unlock my rear hatch. Also i did manually by unlock from the inside button ~> next to power window button and still wont open.

Anyone have this kinda problem before?

Now everytime when i need to open rear hatch i need to use the key by unlocking n locking from the back~ right on top the L emblem.

Can anyone help to solve my problem? Coz im sick n tired using the key to open rear hatch ~ just missed back old days~ quick n easy way by pressing the remote


Kinda thanks and appreciate for all participate & help


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Sounds like the problem has nothing to do with the remote since it won't work when you use the switch on the drivers door either. Sounds like something is wrong with the electric mechanisim that locks and unlocks on the rear hatch.

Mechanically, the lock works because you can lock and unlock with the key. So, I would check fuses first then check to ensure that there are no shorts in the wiring to the lock. I've never had the hatch door appart to see exactly how the "automatic" part works, but a visual inspection would be useful to ensure that its not jammed or something. Might need to replace the electric component in the end.

Good luck

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By the way Alanc, I try to look and locate the the fuse but i cant find 'em... i know theres only 2 fuses box , the one in the driver side right underkneath and one the

other right next to the battery.

Thanks for advise ill double check all the fuses again..

Hopefully i be able to solve the damn problem.



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