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Feeler: Lexus Es 300

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Guys, this is only a thought right now and I do not expect for anyone to buy this car from me, I'm just trying to get a sense of the market. It's a "I wonder" situation for me. I have a chance to buy a Lexus SC400. Here are the details:

1994 Lexus ES300

Maroon Two Tone

Good paint and shine

Good interior

167K miles

All records

Salvaged Title

Runs perfect (no kidding)


KBB Suggested Retail Value is $7500

Thanks for the input.

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You need to find out what mechanical problem cause the salvage title. Most of the time its something pretty serious that cannot be completely repaired. But sometimes you get lucky. Like I once bought a salvage title Toyota pickup for only $400 because it couldn't pass Calif. emmissions tests. But cosmetically the truck was in immaculate condition because it was a one owner, senior aged owner truck that was always garaged. Turned out the senior drove it only short distances so some exhaust system components and gaskets were rotted out from condensation and was causing the lumpy engine idling and associated high emmissions. After I replaced the exhaust system the truck ran like new and the rest of the mechanicals were in great shape because the senior was a gentle, easy going driver.

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