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Newbie Remote Key Question


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I purchased a 1995 ES300 today and the owner does not have any original keys with the car. He has just regular NON-REMOTE keys. I want the original remote key back. I did a search and was still confused. Do I really need to replace the ECU to get a new key? I have no master key left at all. Can I just order a master key from lexus-parts.com for 131 dollars with my VIN number? Also, anyone know how much a drivers side door lock actuator is? It's very weak and does not move the lock most of the time.

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the lock might be jammed by having the door rod bent from someone opening it with a slim jim, causing it to be slow

i can tell you did some searching as you knwo about the ecu part

someone mentioned a ong time ago of how to program another key with the same fcc code to your car

problem is if it doesn;t work you need 2 new keys with an ecu chip to insert into it , it is cheaper and better to get a good remote starter alarm installed

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