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Rx300 Door Frame

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I have a 1999 RX300, two tone white/green, with black around the top portion of the doors. The black seems to be oxidizing. Before I just try to clean and wax, I thought I would ask for the best suggestion on this.

Anybody resolve this in the past with excellent results..?

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~ One man’s opinion / observations ~


Occurs when the paint resin loses it’s natural oils, even the mildest soap will accelerate this condition. Commercial car washes using strong detergents will leach out the oils in the resin and dull the paint film surface even faster. It is also caused by the accumulated exposure to ultra violet (UV) radiation and environmental pollution that has compromised the paint film surface protection. It starts as a chemical reaction that causes the paint film surface to overheat, dry out and oxidize

It can appear as a dull and somewhat hazy, or ‘chalky’ appearance to the paint surface, a paint film surface that is adequately protected with wax or a sealant actually has a lower surface temperature than one that is not. A dark colored vehicle parked in the sun can attain a surface temperature of 2000 F

Using the least abrasive product first (dependant upon how ‘bad the problem is)- Klasse All-In-One (a solvent type cleaner) P21S Paint Cleaner or Clay Magic Detailers Clay a mildly abrasive machine polish like Groit’s Machine Polish #3

~Hope this helps ~

Knowledge unshared is experience wasted

justadumbarchitect / so I question everything/ Jon

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Thanks for the input.

So you are saying if I use a cleaner and a wax, it should be safe ?

Seems I had close to this same problem on an Acura Integra I used years ago, and after I waxed the area, the paint started peeling...

So I want to make sure I use the right products this time....

Also, I don't see "Mother's" products mentioned here.....wondering if there are any specific reasons....?

Thanks for any and all input....

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You mean the black part between the front and rear windows? That oxidizes quickly, thats very common. Like TOG said a light cleaner like Klasse AIO followed by a wax is the best way of attacking it.

Mothers is a good product line, we just tend to discuss more professional lines of product here. Mothers is a good alternative though if you want to stay in the car parts store availiable lines.

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Thanks to both of you for the help....

Yes, the part of the door frame around the windows and between the front and rear windows.

I will give it a shot....

silly question time:

If I wanted to get away from "

a good alternative though if you want to stay in the car parts store availiable lines.
where do you suggest I start looking...?
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