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91 Ls400 Remote Start


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:cries: Is any one have a remote start install in this Lexus. My installer cannot get the car start normally. The car will remote start but sounds rough ( seems like you try to start the can with the engine already running ) However it will remote start normally when the ignition turn to ACC with the key. Did he missed something. He looked through 4 different wiring diagrams and pulling his hair out. Any suggestion is welcome.


Really want to get the remote start to work due car parked outside most of the time.

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:blink: I do not know, but as a word of warning, a remote starter is what destroyed the starter on my aunts 1990 LS400. I really do not know why my uncle had it installed, because it does not get too cold that often in central North Carolina, but with the classics in the garage, the car set outside and we did not want her to get cold. :P At any rate- hers did the same thing- it continued to "grind" the starter, until it was destroyed. $1300 repair at a local shop over there. Had no idea what malfunctioned, but it was removed to say the least. ;)
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I have been shopping around for alarms and was starting to like the idea of having a remote start. After reading this i am having second thoughts. I was going to put it in myself. Maybe I'll hold off.

Has anyone else had any luck (good or bad) with the remote start on a ls400 90' - 95' ?

If so was it installed by a shop or was it a DIY job?

Kolofai, what was the outcome with you car?



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Yes, no problem. I went to my installer, took 1 hour to install, nerver had problem even here in mid quebec, famous for our cold winther, and for the last four years. Very dependable, No flaw ever.

Ls 400 1992

Just changed the oxygen sensor

Repaired the a/c (new reglementation)

Just ordered a new LCD dysplay on a-gon ( $157)

A New Car

dantheman :rolleyes:

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That's good to hear Dantheman. I really do want the remote start.

If you don't mind which brand of alarm did you get (I don't need a Model)?

Maybe I should have posted that question earlier. Wondering if the brand of alarm has something, or alot to do with not functioning correctly. Possibly better componets or better design.

Thanks Again

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I have the remote start installed on my 91LS400 and have never had any trouble. It is soooo nice to have - besides it was a cheaper fix than the replacement brain that the dealer quoted me to get my lexus key unlock/lock working again. I have the Viper system installed from DEI (http://www.directed.com/security/viper/viper_rs.asp).

The actual install job was performed by a local shop, who programmed the top two buttons to work with my car and the bottom two buttons to work with my wife's vehicle. I can lock/unlock the door, pop the trunk, set off the alarm, or start the car all from about 1000' away. Pretty neat little add-on. I'll never go without remote start again. It was a good investment for the $300 that it cost.

Not to mention, I can let the car warm up on the cold winter days without me having to be in there freezing while it gets warm before I go driving. BTW, it also shuts the car off automatically after 15 minutes (if I started it and forgot about it), and will shut off the car the moment the brake pedal is touched if the key isn't in the ignition in the run position.

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Kolofai writes:

"Dantheman, good to know you have successfully installed the remote

start for your 92 LS400. I believe there isn't much difference between 91

and 92. Would you mind to give a little more details of your remote

start such as brand name or a brief description of how the wires are hook


Looking forward to hearing from you. I am in Vancouver and I think I

can get the same system you got in Quebec.

So far I haven't got my problem solve yet."

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Sorry for my 2 day of absence, my hard disk just died.

Weel Kolofai, i didn't installed. it is my "Lebeau vitres d'auto" dealer who installed it four years ago. So it would be very hard for to tell you what brand it is and how it is installed sorry... Wow, just got a brilliant idea, just phoned where they installed it and they still had all my info in their computer...

So, it is a "Astro Start, model # 1105.

What I can tell you about it is

The stock lexus alarm still work perfectly and very transparent.

It start every time when close (125 ft)

but when further like 500 ft, it depend where i am park, sometime 2-3 parking place

further or closer, on the right or the left will do a better job. Test done at my job parking lot.

It also unlock the door and the trunk.

And a panic button that make play the horn for positionnning your vehicule in large parking lot.

There is also a button to lock the door and arm the alarm.

A friend of my who had a cheaper model in is car (just start and shut up) didn't had any problem with where the car was park : all the spots I had problem remote starting, he didn't have any problem. hic

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Hey just reviving an old post here. I've got an aftermarket remote start/keyless entry on my SC400 and I love it, works flawlessly. It should be noted that they need to be installed and setup properly so that at a certain RPM it stops cranking (should be 400-500 RPM for the 1UZ-FE methinks).

Now to my question, I'm buying a remote start for my moms LS for christmas and I'm going to install it when she's at work on the 24th. I'm sure I'll have to get into the steering column to get at the ignition wires, constant power, etc. but where are the power lock and trunk release ecu's/relay boxes??? I'm hoping it's all under the drivers dash and kick panel... it snows pretty good up here and I don't have a heated garage to do this job in.... :D

Thanks in advance,


p.s. I just bought my snow tires this weekend, got 4 new Motegi MR7s (16x7" painted silver) and a full set of Yokohama Guardex F600s in the stock 225/55R16... my winter rims are gonna look almost as good as my summer 17's... :D

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you dont have rpm wire connected prolly this is why it constantly tries to start the engine constantly. alarm brain checks for rpms above 300 and if its not gettin the signal about the rpm it will try to start the engine again. i have compustar alarm for 3 years and i never had a bit of problem with it

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