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Battery Heat Shield


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Hi Gang,

just had to replace the battery in my 99 SC400 Redrocket. I discovered there is supposed to be an enclosure around the battery called a heat shield.

Is this widely used ??? Anyone know where I can get one ??? I have been trying the salvage yards but get "none found" so far. <_<


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My 95 SC does not have a heat shield that I am aware of. The main reason they are installed is to prevent the battery from over heating. What most people don't know is that it is heat that destroys a battery, not cold. Your car will run fine without it, but your battery will most likely prematurely fail. It is difficult to say how much life you will lose. The fact that the earlier SC's don't appear to have them, leads me to believe that there may have been a warranty issue, so Lexus installed the heat shield.

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hot and cold are not friends with a battery with lead plates it will cause a low volatage when cold and too hot becomes increased resistance

the blanket is to help balance or isolate the temps of it

to keep it warm an to keep it cool in a hot engine bay

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