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Stolen Cell Phone=help!


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1. Pull all remaining apparatus from the center console, thereby greatly increasing storage.

2. Acquire a digital/cell phone that dose not need to be hard-wired to your car.

I really like the extra storage gained from removal of the large, antiquated phone.


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Thanx for the responses folks. But i wanted to use the handsfree aspect of my car phone. I definitely agree that i need to update but what would be compatible with the handsfree aspect through the steering wheel and stereo? What would be the best update? By the way i never had the phone hooked up but was planning on doing it soon. And it is a 97-SC400.



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Since you already have the wiring for the Portable Plus, it would be a bit easier to hook up a car kit for a phone - even a Bluetooth kit. If it is like my LS, the plug under the console to which your handset base is connected contains both an audio system mute point and power. It may even contain terminals for playing the call through the radio speakers but I never bothered to check. It may be possible to cut the wire harness that runs from your Portable Plus handset base to the connector under the console and connect some of those wires to power a phone car kit and mute the audio when a call is received or made. You could determine which wires are power and which one is mute by testing the wires with a 12V test light. You might have to remove an in-line booster in the trunk (assuming that your's has one) and plug the connectors the trunk together as if the car never came with a Lexus phone.

This doc shows the connector under my center console to which I connected the mute wire for my Nokia kit. In hindsight it would have been simpler to have powered my Nokia kit from this same connector.


I doubt if it is realistic to expect to use the steering wheel controls. The voltages required to control my Nokia are too complex for me to build an interface to the steering wheel controls and the voltages probably vary by phone.

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