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Fender Shocks Brake Locks


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I was chatting to a fellow member at a meet yesterday about fender shocks on his Aristo.

I am not sure of the real name for this feature but we were looking over my windom and we think the ES300 has this feature too. What actually happens is if you reverse into something a mechanism clicks and locks all the brakes so you do not cause any more damage apart from the fender.

Apparently you unlock the brakes from under the hood by releasing a switch.

I cannot say for sure that definatly is a feature but from looking at it we reckon it might.

does anyone know if this is available for the ES? also this may be only on the jap import windoms or jap imported aristos as these do come fully loaded with many toys.

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steve, i personally haven't known my ES to lock up from hitting things on the back. i haven't really backed into anything either, but being hit from the rear doesn't lock up the brakes either, since they both give the same type of impact, i would think that it should lock up from a rear end collision too.


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let me get some info on this... i know i found it weird.. but the guy i know had to phone japan to find info on it as he backed into a wall and the car locked up

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