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Wireless Headphones

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I am trying to figure out how to use the wireless headphones that are SUPPOSED to work with the aftermarket DVD system installed in an 02 LX470. When we purchased the vehicle just a month or so back (it is a CPO), the dealer told us that it came with headphones but they were in bad condition and that we wouldn't want them. After I thought about it more, I decided to call them back and have them mail the headsets to me anyways. Got them in and they are (baiscally) new Lexus wireless headsets. I turned them on (yup, new batteries) and the power light indicated that they were on. Put in a DVD and it was playing perfectly over the sound system. Put on the headsets (yes, power on...I am for sure) and there was nothing but occasional static when I turned my head from side to side. There was another little switch on it that i moved back and forth and it didn't do anything either. Any ideas here? There are two headsets and neither worked. Are aftermarket systems set up differently than the factory Lexus system in this respect? I fear I will have to call the dealer again, but I am growing tired of speaking with them!! They really don't know much until I bring it in....which is a 2.5 hour drive! Thanks for any help and suggestions. I appreciate your time.

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