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I've replaced a bunch of stuff on the Lexus-lights, plugs, wires, antenna, cabin filter, and such. So I purchased 2 new distributor caps, and 2 rotors-figuring that it's a piece of cake-done it often on Toyotas and Hondas I've owned over the years. I went out this AM, and removed all the plastic covers, the air flow system-all the assorted junk that most cars do not have. Lo and behold, I found that the distributors are located in a plastic casing up against the radiator and other fixed items that make the simple project become a nightmare. My Honda distributor used to sit proudly in sight-flip a few clips, and you were done in 2 minutes.

So I went to the Toyota/Lexus Service support website that has been recommended on this LOC page. Downloaded the instructions to access the distributor cap-and gave up. It's pitiful that I have to disconnect water hoses, remove the drive belt idler pulley, disconnect the camshaft position sensor, plus several other items requiring special tools etc.....

I'm just a weekend DIY, but I've met my match. My other vehicle, a truck, is waiting for the inevitable-the astounding repair cost for the Lexus to repair the trannie or the drivetrain or the steering/brakes and such. Live and learn-This used car is not for the average guy-it may last for 200-300K miles, but you'll live in fear everytime you hear a funny noise-or lose A/C-or have hesitation.

And keep the number for Volunteers of America handy-So at least you don't have to pay to give it away.

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No ! You don't have to do all of that ? The only things you need to remove are plastic covers on top and the front of the engine. It's no 5 minute job granted but should take maybe an hour for both. Please send me that website as I would like to see their instructions. Of done this twice now on my '91...


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yea i recently did the ignition stuff and i didnt take off the radiator hose. you can get away with some things like that. no special tools needed just a 10mm for most of the covers and maybe an occasional 12mm and an 8mm for the rotors. an hour or two tops for the job.

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Lexus 400-I'm not sure how to send you the instructions-it's 15 pages of Adobe Acrobat.

Anyway, after I removed all the plastic covers and the air intake material, I found that the distributor cap is seated sideways in a deep plastic "bowl" that prevents me from accessing the 3 screws that hold the distributor cover to it's body, as they are close up near the radiator. The bottom screw really seems impossible to reach, since it is out of sight. I thought that if I could remove the "bowl", I could reach the screws, but I have no clue how to remove it.

Any thoughts are appreciated.

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