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Timing Belt Replacement Interval


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Lexus says to replace the timing belt at 90,000 miles only in "severe operating conditions" Unless we use these at taxi cabs, few owners meet this criteria - yet the dealers seem to stick to the 90K standard - probably for revenue. But the question Lexus does not answer - "if you don't do it at 90,000 miles -when do you have to replace the timing belt?" Never?? 120,000? When? If anyone has had any guidance on this I would be interested!

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While I certainly don't fall under the "sever operating conditions" for my RX either, I will be replacing them at 90K....not because that is when I have to change them, but just for peace of mind. The way I look at it, anything over 90K is a risk. I am at 80K right now and mine have started to chirp a little. It goes away after a few minutes & the belts are still very tight. I might replace mine a little early. Don't know what Lexus charges to have it done, but I had a quote from an independent certified lexus/toyota service shop for both belts for $75.00 + tax. Not too bad.

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