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Interference Tbelt? On Es300?


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The '97ES had a non-interference engine which means that if the timing belt breaks you won't destroy the engine.

Starting with the '98ES they switched to a VVT-i (Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence) engine. If the timing belt breaks on this type of engine, kiss it goodbye. ;)

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thanx a lot for info, my friend got 99 with 160k and he did not change belt, i should persuade him to do so ; ) hehe

is that new 98+ engine that much better then the 97

cause i m looking for a 97 cause thats the only one i have a chance of affording


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well i dont want to get a really old one, i wanted 96 but 97 looks better,

i see a 93 for sale fairly priced, but car is MAD old , i think newer is nicer

i m also looking at a 2000 maxima, how would u guys compare it to lexus

pre 2000 maxima is not conforable to me

es300 was great when i drove it though

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