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Anybody Lift A Fzj100 (lx470) Yet?


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I like being different and was thinking of switching to an LX470 from my current 4Runner. I am 6ft 8in and its just plain and simple too small for me. Ive thought about mounting some Volvo seats with custom mounts so I'll be able to sit lower, but I have always lusted over my uncle's 02 LX and I'm sure I could talk him into getting another one since he loves his so much and they are getting ready to stop making the good ol FZJs. I am really turned off to the IFS, but I like being different and maybe I could get a long-travel kit made up for it or something. Basicly, I was wondering if anyone has tried lifting theirs, and how it worked (or didn't) work with the adjustable suspenison. I haven't really looked under my uncles and I'm not sure how it works so thats why I'm asking you guys. I know not too many of you are into offroading and all of that. Espcially in such a nice vehicle, but... again. I guess I'm just different ;) I found that slee offroad has a lift kit for the FZJ100 Crusiers, but has anyone tried it on ther LX?


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I'm no expert in the area. I just purchased a 2002 LX470, but I think you're playing with fire here. This vehicle is like a fine tuned instrument. Start messing with it and I'll bet you'll wish you hadn't in the long run. It just seems like you're messing with the balance of the vehicle which may be dangerous and would probably devalue it as well. But again I'm not an expert in the field. Although I have to admit the idea does intrigue me somewhat. I don't do a lot of offroading, but I was offroad last week up in the Cascade mountains. I used the suspension lift and it performed just fine. I thought it might lift a little higher however. I guess there's a setting which can get you extra high but I think you have to shift the transfer case into "L" to do it and I believe your speed must be kept fairly low. I just briefly read about it in one of the manuals. Anyway, good luck in whatever you do and keep us posted. I'd be curious to know how it goes.


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