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Changing Head Unit

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i am wanting to change the head unit to an aftermarket one ( alpine maybe ) but i was wondering if there is an adapter/filler kit to do this since the headunit in there now is much larger. i am sure an audio store would sell them but i thought i would ask , i am going to be putting in a system in the future, so if you know of any problems i may run across that would be helpful-


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check out my install of an Alpine head unit


You can purcahse Stereo facia plates at autotoys.com

my suggestion is to have a full rewire and full speaker change as in the 2 rears, 2 front doors and tweeters. Do not bother with the dash speakers as you can by directional speakers for the doors that will take the job of the dash speakers.

I have added a large amp in my car and i am glad i did. I have a 5 channel alpine MRV-F450 so I have i channel per speaker and 1 channel for the sub.

anway.. take a look at the pics i have taken and i am sure you will see the good quality fascia plate i got from auto toys.

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