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Vehicle Purchase


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Hello all, I'm new to this forum and have begun reading some of the

posting/responses, they are quite interesting.

I'm in the process of making a decision to purchase an LX470 or LandCru

(98' to 2000) in Sept or Oct. My choice of vehicles are limited to only these two,

I want the 3rd seat and have driven a large SUV for the past 8 yrs (96 ISUZU Trooper). I currently own an 98' ES300 and have been satisfied with it.

I'm trying to obtain all the info I can at this time. I really like the front end and interior of the LX470 and its additional electronic features are not offered on the LandCru, but I'm trying to determine if the LX470 is going to be worth the money. I don't want to purchase a used vehicle only to have problems and I thought by making an LX470 purchase I would have few if any problems. I

guess I could get the same high reliability in the LandCru but I really like the

LXs additional styling in front.

Could you guys comment on what you think about your LX470's reliability,

frequent/infrequent repairs, cost of repairs, repairs that I should insist be

made because of the mileage, any vehicle year to possiby avoid, problem

areas, etc...

Any info you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated.

Rtyson In Stl

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yes, you will find a number of posts on the common issues. grinding stearing wheel, clicking noise from manifold gasket, a transmission failure, etc. I have a 2000 LX470 that I love. I picked up the extended warranty and it has paid for itself in 4 weeks. I still have 3 years and 36K miles left with it. There is no ride like the LX, if budget isn't the final trigger get the LX. I wrote my truck off my small business last year. Net cost was around $20K for a 2000 LX...

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