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Aging Sc400


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Hello from Atl, Georgia. My 93 SC400 has about 118,000 miles on it and is starting to really run up some big bills at Lexus service. Last month I payed $850 for a new radiator. I just took it in because the engine light is on and they said I need two new O2 sensors -- $300; Rear brakes $250 and my oil gasket is leaking $400.

First off, its an authorized Lexus dealership, so I do trust them, but then again they are in the business of sales and I have no clue if I need this stuff. The car is running ok, albeit like a ten year old car.

I am wondering if it is worth paying for all these problems and if I should just get $7000 for the car right now?

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Depends on the maintenance history of the car and driving habits of the driver.

Example: there would have been no problems with the radiator if the antifreeze had been changed as often as specified in the owners manual using the factory original coolant mixture.

But alot of owners get caught up in a revolving circle of automotive poverty because

they neglect or extend preventive maintenance service intervals and this has a cascading effect of reducing the reliability and life of expensive components like the oxygen sensors, catalytic converter, radiator and many others and also causes premature gasket and seal deterioration which in turn promotes lubricant leaks.

But a well maintained Lexus tends to be as reliable and durable as any other Toyota; i.e. reliable and durable and relatively inexpensive to maintain for hundreds of thousands of miles.

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You need to find a good independent shop. The dealer deals in snobbery and robbery...lol. "Mr. Whoever, Your oil change has been completed..and that will be uhmmm... $80.00 bucks. But, hey they do wash your car and have complementary Colombian Lattes. Not to say there arent bad independants. Maybe someone in here is from the Atlanta area and can recommend someone. DOWN WITH THE DEALER!!!!!!!!

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