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Query About Repair Manuals


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Hello to all,

I own two Lexus sedans: a 1993 ES300 and a 1995 one. I'm having difficulty finding an online source where I can order a repair manual for these two autos. I do not want the $150 CD or book for service mechanics; I just want a Haynes or Chilton type publication for shade tree mechanics like me. If anyone has a source I can link to (or even contact by phone), I would certainly appreciate your sending the link or info directly to me, (instead of to the forum).

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.

Hope all are well.


John Gunter

johngunter@mindspring.com (home email)

john_gunter@ti.com (work email)

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Just a little bit of advice from a fellow shadetree mechanic; opt for the Lexus manuals. Albeit more expensive, they cover absolutely everything that you could ever want to fix on those cars and then some. In the long run, they'll MORE than pay for themselves. Take my case for example. Our first ES was a 92 and so we bought the 2 book manual set from Toyota. Then when I got my 93 ES (same car esentially) I had to replace the head gaskets a few months into ownership and I was able to do it entirely in my own garage at my own leisure thanks to the manuals. I shudder to even think what that might have cost to have replaced at a Lexus dealership or even an independent shop. The manual walks you through, step by step and has very detailed pictures for every step, and best of all-it's model year specific and doesn't cover 2 different engines, as I'm sure the Camry manual does. My only complaint about the Lexus manuals is that they don't have coupons for parts in them :lol: ;)

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