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Gpm Instead Of Mpg?


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Hi VBdenny!! :)

In Canada - the fuel economy of a vehicle is rated as to how many litres are used per 100 kilometres. Apparently - this makes sense to SOME Canadians. I'm just not one of them!!

Oddly enough - when it comes to speed... I think in metric up to 100 kph [which is about 62 mph] and in 'standard measurement' [mph] after that. I find easier to relate to 100 mph than I do 160 kph. [for some reason] Maybe it's because I'm not 'up there' that often.

But what REALLY throws me is when metric is used to describe things like trunk space. For an example - click on the link below to see the specs for a 2004 Acura EL. [which is only available in Canada - by the way. It's a fancy-fied Honda Civic] At one time - only metric measurements were used on that site. [and in their magazine] But obviously I wasn't the ONLY one who wrote them to complain - because they now list both. I mean really - how is an old guy like me supposed to know what 365 litres of trunk space is?!

2004 Acura EL

Craig!! :)

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Thanks for the insight Craig. I also have a hard time dealing with metric in everything except snow skis since they have always been measured in centimeters. It kind of threw me when I was in BC a few years ago. I almost ran out of gas because the Cadillac I rented said I had 5 litres left. Well my wife looked at it and said you only have 5 litres left. I was thinking it was in gallons. Then I figured out how they really rip off the Candians for gas!

As far as trunk space, I wouldn't have any idea how to figure it in metric. I usually have to look in a trunk to figure out how much space it has anyway.


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Hi Guys!! :)

Both Honda and Toyota want for all of us [as in you 'Americans' - in this case] to stop thinking in terms of MPG [miles per gallon] and think in terms of GPM. [gallons per mile]

What do YOU think?

It actually makes sense - if you ask me.

Autoweek Story

Craig!! :)

The terms GPM will be used by Honda or Toyota if they start making airplanes!! That's how they measure how much gas an airplane consumes. :blink:

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