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Starting Problem :( Help!


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Hello members,

I have '95 LS400; 91k miles. It started about forty days ago, when I try to start the engine it made "click!" noises and wouldn't start. I thought it was the weak battery so I've replaced my battery to 850CCA and drove it for a month and had no problems since then. But, couple of days ago, it started to make that "click" noise again when I try to start the engine. I had to twist my key 7-9 times to ignite...

Q1. Do you think it's my alternator or starter that creates problem?

Q2. If replacing the alternator/starter is my only solution, what could be the easiest and cheapest way to get it replaced or fixed?

Thank you in advance members.

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Usually a clicking noise indicates a weak battery. One of the easist ways to check it is to turn on your headlights and have someone watch when you try to crank the engine. If the lights go really dim, then your battery is weak. New batteries have been known to be defective. My neighbor bought a new battery which was dead on install. If you have a multimetter, test the battery while the car is off first. You should have between 12.5v and 13.2. Then test while the car is running. If you only show less than this, your alternator may not be putting out enough voltage. Often they will put out enough to keep the check engine light off, but still be weak.

Regarding the power steering, the problem is that when the pump develops a leak, it can drip on the alternator which is located directly underneath the pump. The oil eventually damages the alternator and causes it to fail. To see if it is leaking is somewhat difficult. If you use a strong flashlight, you can kind of see if there is oil around the pump area but you really can't see the alternator from the top. The best way to check is to run the car up on ramps and remove the bottom splash pan. The with a little wiggling and a good flashlight, you can see the alternator and ps pump.

More than likely you just got a bad battery or have corroded terminals and connections.

Good luck with it

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hey npcomplete, i c you like algorythms and analysys:) i used to dig that too. anyway, your linstument panel lights dim when you hear clicking? if yes it means dying battery.

if your battery is dying after 1 month it means that alternator is not giving enuff charge because it is dying too due to the leaking steering pump. just look at the power steering level and any traces of the grease or ATF on the alternator and engine block behind the pump

pump is 100$ reman at autozone and its pretty ez to change it urself. otherwise you migh end up paying another 50$ for the labor. aletrnator should not run you more then 250$ parts and labor. also reman

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Most modern day vehicles disconnect all other electrical loads during engine cranking....

Remove both battery terminals (negative first), clean and burnish the battery posts and the connections, reinstall(negative last), tighten lightly, repeat each spring.

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Quote "But, couple of days ago, it started to make that "click" noise again when I try to start the engine. I had to twist my key 7-9 times to ignite"

Check connections. Dead battery is a dead battery. Twisting the key 7 to 9 times and it starts indicates connections.

wich bad conenction on Ls the car just dies, i mean it dies conmpletely, nothing will work, you have to shake the terminal on the battery to bring it back alive. this is how it was on my case.

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