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New Rotors...

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well, my stock rotors are too warped to turn, so its time for a new set of rotors... my mechanic quoted me for 175 a pair, for blank rotors.

i looked around a little online, and found these:cross drilled and slotted rotors

which would be about 200 a pair(after CD'd and slotted combo + clear coat), and are suposed to work fine with original pads/calipers.

My question is, does anyone have any experience with these rotors? They seem a bit cheap for good rotors, but that could just be me. I'd love to get the CD'd and slotted, but am worried about poor quality and reliability? What do you think? all suggestions welcome, thanks!

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Slots look nice if your rims show them off. I would suggest a new set of rotors (~$50 each) from the auto parts store and some ceramic pads (~$50 for both wheels). I did this and love the stopping power.

The disks have two holes in the middle hat that if you screw a bolt into them, they disc pop off. Apply a little anti seize lube on the "ears" of the pads where they ride the claiper assy. The whole job should not take more than 1-1/2 hours.

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I like the drilled myself, but I'm biased. :)





Excuse the rust. :( For normal (and some hard) daily driving, you should not have problems with drilled rotors. If you do heavy tracking, that's another matter.

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