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Auto Climate Control


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Hi- I just purchased a 01 rx300, and I have noticed something with the auto climate control.

When it is set in auto mode, it will not automatically turn on/off the airconditioning as you change the temperature setting.

Is this standard operation? I would think that it should know if you set it to max hot, to shut off the a/c

And also, the driver window freaks out when I try to use the auto up/down function. Using the remote for auto down also freaks it out. It does work when I hold the switch though.. could this just be dirty contacts??



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Most modern day automatic climate control systems, especially high end luxury systems, run the A/C all year around, except only if the OAT declines to freezing level.

All airflow through the system, recirculated or fresh, is first cooled and thereby dehumidified (sometimes) and then a portion or all of it is passed through the hot water heat exchanger to raise the outlet airflow to your desired comfort level.

I suspect this feature came about because many people complained of the discomfort caused by the use of HOT airflow to remove condensation from the windshield when and if it should occur.

There are a couple of things you can have the dealer do that will be of help especially if you live in a cold wintertime climate. There are three C-best options of interest.

The dealer can set the system such that the A/C does not automatically run in auto mode. He can also set the system such that it does not run automatically in defrost/defog/demist mode. In later RX models, certainly in the RX330, the system can be set so it does not automatically switch from heating mode when the interior temperature reaches or nears the setpoint.

During the summer months I do not use the A/C if the OAT is cool enough or only until the cabin has cooled to a reasonable comfort level. When I do have the A/C enabled I always set the system to max cool and then use the blower speed to adjust and maintain the cabin at my comfort level.

During the winter months it becomes really easy to build up excessive humidity within the cabin as it is quite thoroughly sealed and insulated and the cabin air outflow is severely restricted.

In the wintertime if the windshield and windows start to fog over the most certain solution is to turn the heat and blower all the way up and then select defrost/defog/demist mode. If the condition is really severely it helps to lower a rear window slightly.

Speaking of lowering windows that does take some practice on those "auto" switches.

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