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Which Sockets/wrenches To Buy?


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I am a newbie :blushing: starting to DIY. I need to buy a good set of tools. Do I need to buy both the metric and the SAE sockets and wrenches to work on my Lexus? Further, what do people thinki about the geared wrenches...are they worth it?


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Metric size wrenches are what you need for your Lexus. The geared type wrench can be helpful, but it's not needed. I suggest that you go to 'Sears' when they have a sale, and buy a nice set of 'Craftsman' tools. They have a lifetime guarantee and they're not too expensive. They have all sizes of tool kits, depending on how much you want to spend. ;)

Maybe something like this:Craftsman Tool Kit

You'll have to search around their website, because they have many combinations of kits.

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I second that motion. They are high quality with a no questions asked full replacement lifetime warranty......and Sears is everywhere and open on Sundays when you break the tools. :rolleyes:

Other good names are Snap-On and Matco but they cost more.

Go with Sears. Cruise their website, you can usually get a good deal on a multi piece set including a floor standing cabinet or bench top tool drawer set.


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I perfer mastercraft( canadian tire) or husky (home depot) tools as they are always open and the master craft pro series kits come with everything you basically need in almost any budget

wait till it is on half price sale and get a set from CT

i have a set form 15 years and it is when they first made the pro series with socket releases and other good features

for the price you can;t beat them and they have lifetime warrr also which i have used a few times

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Years ago I used to keep my tools in the trunk of my car. Among those tools were a complete set of Snap On, ¼, ½, and ¾ drive ratchets and sockets & deep sockets. Well, I came out to my car one morning, and lo and behold my car was no longer there.......it was stolen! I was more upset about these stolen tools then the stolen car.

Therefore I suggest that you don't leave your expensive tools in your car. I now leave some basic crappy tools there. ;)

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