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Questions About My New 96 Es.

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I have a couple questions to all the knowledgeable ES300 owners. I just recently bought a 96 ES300 Coach Edition, pearl white on tan leather. I love this car, but a couple minor things went wrong and i was wondering if anyone knew how to fix them.

First thing is the ECT button. The light inside the ECT button went out, i was trying to figure out how to open it up but didnt want to break anything so i left it, how would i go about fixing that?

Second is the cupholders. :angry: About a week after i had the car the cupholders decided not to retract in and out as they are supposed to. There is a small platic piece under it that broke. I was wondering if anyone knew how to take the whole cupholders out so i can just temporarily super glue the piece back on. I would greatly appreciate the help, thanks!

Also where can i find sites about body kits for this car? I only found one and they have no prices. Thanks!

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