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Keyless Entry


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My 92 LS400 is equipped with keyless entry but I dont have the key for it. I saw some keyless entry keys on ebay but Im not sure which ones will work. There are some on ebay with trunk release and panic buttons...will those work? Can I just use any Lexus key blank or does it need to be one with a transponder? I know the keyless entry function only works within 3 feet of the vehicle but Im super lazy. What are my options? Has anyone ever brought their own key in to cut at the dealership? How much is the cut? Thanks.

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I saw some keyless entry keys on ebay but Im not sure which ones will work.


Lexus dealership will cut them for free.

Sorry, if you want the Lexus keyless entry you will have to buy a whole new system with a new computer and keys. You cannot add on keyless entry keys on to the Gen. I LS400.

Price for the keyless entry at Lexus: (and you cannot add on keyless entry keys)

One key: $150

Two Keys: $350

I don't know why but people on ebay bid on those keyless entry keys so much to about $34. If only they can visit LOC and find out that they wouldn't work. :lol:

Not so funny now that I need a keyless entry key because I need a front cover.

You can buy keyless entry remote system on ebay or any other place for about $40 or even less.

For a little over $100 you can also purchase the 2-way remote system from ebay.

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Wow, I had no idea the keys were so expensive. I have two keyless entry keys for my car and three regular keys without the button. I guess the previous owner told me something about a key problem he had and Lexus gave him extras.

I'll make sure no to lose them!

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Do I need to purchase a key with a transponder though? Howcome I cant add on a keyless entry key anyways? I was looking through some website that had a walk through on how to program one of those keys. When I purchased the car the previous owner only had 1 regular key...kind of sucks to know that if I ever lose this one key (which Im prone to do) that Ill be s@!# outta luck. Thanks.

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