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Gs430 Vs Gs400

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Has anyone ran a stock newr gs400 against a stock 430? Just curious if the computer throttle control messes with raw power output. I notice on my 01 gs430 that when in neutral and I do a small free rev that the computer doesn't want to let it rev. My 95es300 free revs faster then the 300hp 430(IN neutral ONLY)

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I drove a 2000 gs 400 for sale today w/36000miles.

Compared to my 2001 gs430 w/22700miles it seemed to be a bit slower. I didn't get to run it to hard because the sales lady was with me.

So I think I answered my own ?, but then I looked at Lexus website under preowned and they have specs from older models.

According to them, the 99 & 00 gs400 run 14.3 quarter mi and gs430 runs 14.5.

What the #*@!

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