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Problem With Vsc


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:angry: Hi, has anybody had any problem with the VSC light on their RX330?

I took delivery of my RX330 Sports Luxury on the first week of March, 2004. Around May/June, The engine and VSC light comes on intermittently. I've brought it back to the dealer for repair on three occassions, replaced Oxygen sensor twice and the computer once, still having same problem. My sound system stopped working, no sound so the amplifier was replaced. Any idea on the VSC light problem? Dealer doesn't seem to have a clue and I just found out that another RX330 has the same fault.



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Anything there is ANY engine diagnostic/failure indication the VSC is automatically disabled. Many have asked why but no good answer that I know of.

Sounds to me like an intermittent electrical connection from the ecu to the oxygen sensor.

And speaking of that, there is an aspect of the oxygen sensor that most technicians may not be aware of.

I'm not absolutely sure of this myself but I believe the sensor is electrically heated to bring it into the proper operation range.

Most technicians would simply wiggle the wiring harness and/or connections to see if that results in a diagnostic code due to an intermittent connection. Since the heating element would usually have a fairly long cool down period a short term open connection would not likely to be detected by the ecu.

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Update on my VSC and Check Engine light problem.

After lots of Frustration, finally left my car with the dealer for a week and gave their technician permission to drive the car to and from work. They finally fixed the fault. Apparently it was another O2 sensor, don't know how many O2 sensor on an RX330 but glad its now fixed.


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