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Chirping Belt


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Did any of u guys experience a chirping noise from the belt of your RX? I feel that it occured when it was raining or when it was cold out. I know its not a major problem but it doesnt look to good when u pull up to the person next to u at the light and your lexus sounds like an old beat up gremlin.. i tried lubing the belt but that solves the problem only temporarily.

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My 99 Rx300 started doing that extremely loud so I replaced both belts with Dayco brand (worked the counter at parts store from high school through college and found Dayco and Gates to be acceptable in that order but everyone has their opinion/reasons).

Less than a year later, the screeching returned. The noisy belt is the AC, so I turn off the Auto air control until the car has traveled about 1/2 mile and dont have endure the scornful looks from the row of supermodels that line up to see me off every day. =)

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