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I Just Clayed And Waxed My Car - Pics


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Well, a few hours ago I finished waxing my car, with spectacular results. The day before I had clayed it using the clay from the Lexus Car Care Store. I washed it again today b/c I hand't rinsed it enough yesterday and some of the dirt the clay picked up dried back on. After washing and drying, I applied some Meguire's Wax (that I bought at Wal-Mart :blushing: ). You can see the results in the pics. The car has never looked better. The surface feels extraordinarily smooth. It almost feels wet. I apologize for the condition of the tires. I washed the car in my gravel drive way. They will get taken care of later.


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This is a pic of a mistake I think I made during the claying process. It appears a little part of the clear coat (the circled part) is gone. Just the bare primer is there. Just a reminder to everyone to be sure to use proper lubricant while claying. The scratch that is x-ed out was done by my cat ( :censored: ).


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Looks great! The wax I'd really reccomend on that color is Poorboys EX-P. My interest in NXT has all but dissapeared due to poor durability and horrible smearing when removing. Poorboys products are so much easier to work with I won't be buying another bottle of NXT.

As for the area down to the primer, I highly doubt that. Clay has nothing abrasive enough to strip paint. Its either a peice of clay residue or its a cloudy spot of oxidation that needs to be buffed out.

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