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Tire Dressing Recommendations


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I have decerned from other messages that non-petro based tire dressings are preferable. I have not found any dicussion regarding the best tire dressings. I am looking for a durable shine that is safe for the tire and body paint as well. Comments are appreciated.



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~ One man’s opinion / observations ~

Tyre Dressings:

The porous nature of rubber and polymers attracts dirt, dust, and brake dust and road grime, for any tyre protectant to work well on rubber it must be applied to a clean surface. A rubber cleaner (3M Tire & Wheel Cleaner PN 39096) will remove old dressing, any dead rubber and properly prepare your tyre for the application of a protectant. Spray cleaner on to a clean surface, agitate with a stiff tyre brush, rinse and apply a tyre dressing

Water based dressings- Polydimethylsiloxane (usually a milky-white liquid) does not contain silicone oils, petroleum distillates, waxes, or solvents that can harm rubber and / or vinyl over time. Most water-based dressings use a combination of natural oils to offer a non-greasy, satin finish. Most of these products also contain UV blocking agents to help keep tires from cracking, fading and hardening. Most, if not all water-based dressings are biodegradable, whereas Silicone is not.

Silicone-based dressings- Dimethyl Silicone (usually a clear greasy liquid) contains petroleum distillates as a cleaning agent. The difference is in the carrier system used. Solvent based products use a hydrocarbon solvent to suspend the product.

When you apply it, the solvent evaporates leaving the dressing's active ingredients (Silicone oil) behind. Most bottles have a warning that they contain Petroleum Distillates (manufactures are required by law to have a chemical warning on the container and to provide a material safety data sheet (MSDS)

~ Hope this helps ~

Knowledge unshared is experience wasted

justadumbarchitect / so I question everything/ Jon

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Endurance is solvent based Sharad ;)

PERSONALLY I use solvent based dressings. I've found they look much better, and last longer. Tires are going to be a wear item and be replaced anyways so what has been gained by using water based dressings?

I use Meguiars NXT protectant and found it works great.

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I use Westley's Bleach White to clean the tires, then I use No Touch. The stuff in the purple can is great, the foam stuff in the red car is crappy.

What I dislike is when someone in my family (mentioning no names) scuffs the tires against a curb.

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I agree, a nice smelling product goes a long way in making the job more enjoyable.

Hat's off to Meg's and Collinite (sp) wax for going the extra mile with their product.

As for the leather, lexol always leaves a leather/mink oil smell after use.

As a last resort, there are leather scented candles that can be placed under the seat (a previous suggestion I read on this baord).

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